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Financial Services

Platform Residential removes the accounting and bill paying responsibilities from on-site managers and handles everything in the corporate office. This results in less staff and payroll per property, and allows on-site managers to focus their attention on their property.

Platform utilizes the latest appropriate technologies to automate financial processes to increase productivity and business intelligence.

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“The Platform team always works to stay ahead of the technology, leasing, marketing, and operational curves, providing my properties a distinct advantage, even in competitive markets – a tremendous value to my partners and me.”

James Barnes, CEO – BBA Solutions
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What We Handle






How You Benefit

Seamless system to keep track of all expenses and transfers of money within each property.

The pLATFORM Value

Efficient On-Site Management

The latest leasing and management technologies are employed at all properties to allow on-site personnel to focus on attracting tenants and building an inviting and profitable community, and not on performing back office tasks.

Tighter Control Of Expenses

With access to reports, home office managers can take stronger roles in decision making at the site level. This means better oversight and enforcement of policies designed to keep expenses under control. The possibilities for “tweaking” the assets in a portfolio to drive higher profits are virtually unlimited.

Improved Inventory Control

By utilizing appropriate technologies, Platform properties realize a reduction in vacancies by predicting when units will become available and by keeping lease expirations in line with prospect traffic flow by timing leases to expire during your highest demand periods.

Real-Time Reporting

Automated reports are generated for both the financial and opperational health of the property, providing a realtime link between property sites and the home office. Information is constantly flowing to the home office in the form of clear, robust reports that illustrate exactly what’s going on at every site and what needs attention.

Increased Net Operating Income

The efficiencies realized by Platform’s financial processes will be evident in the positive NOI reports submitted to the property ownership group.